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With Christmas fast approaching there has been some discussion on the Life of a Railroad Wife – Wives Group on Facebook regarding how much money we spend on Christmas gifts for our kids. Our family started this four gift “rule” a few years ago because we were spending WAY too much and buying WAY too many gifts. I thought I’d create a printable to share with anyone who is interested in trying this way of gift giving.

NOTE: My kids realize that this is a WISH LIST. Just because they put it on their wish list doesn’t mean they will get it. They are just giving us a few options of what they might like. In the end, if my railroader and I think of something better for a particular category we often buy that instead. And they are usually happier with what we decided on…parent win!

If you want a free copy of this printable just fill out the form below and it will be delivered to your inbox shortly. I hope this resource is useful for your Christmas shopping this year.


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