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Meal Planning to Stretch the Budget

  I came across a graphic titled “Budget Friendly Grocery Budget for the Month”. I ended up posting it on my Facebook Page asking, “Is this accurate for where you live?” Some said yes and some said, “NO WAY!” While I understand food prices vary from place to place for us meal planning has definitely helped… Continue reading Meal Planning to Stretch the Budget

Fat Head Pizza Crust

  For the past three (almost four) weeks I’ve completely changed the way I’ve been eating. Okay, I’ve cheated or “treated” myself once a week but other than that I’ve been staying on track. In the first three weeks I’ve lost 8.5 lbs and 5.5 inches. Yah me! When I first decide to change the… Continue reading Fat Head Pizza Crust

The Home Life

Thanksgiving on the Railroad

  Thanksgiving for us railroad families north of the border is approaching quickly. Like any holiday or special occasion planning anything with a railroader can be tricky. I actually almost forgot it was Thanksgiving on Monday because my railroader is taking some earned days off for some much needed family time. I was more concerned… Continue reading Thanksgiving on the Railroad